Anniversary Gift Ideas

Closely tied to the tradition of weddings and gift-giving is the practice of giving themed anniversary gifts. What nicer way to continue to show your love and support for the new couple (or for those whose marriage has stood the test of time) than with a gift to commemorate their milestone wedding anniversaries?

Milestone wedding anniversary gifts range from the practical to the extravagant. As with wedding gifts, the goal is to help a couple complete and accessorize their home. Therefore, the traditional anniversary gifts list which evolved over time covers a wide range of items and materials. In more recent years, a second version of the anniversary gifts list has developed, with a slightly more modern spin. There are no rules about which list to use, and most gift-givers today enjoy selecting from either list each year.

If an item on the list seems out of your price range, be creative. For example: if you’re looking for a 40th anniversary gift and can’t afford an actual ruby, consider giving the couple something in a beautiful ruby-red color, such as a crimson colored crystal vase, or new table linens in a rich wine color.

Anniversary Year Traditional Gift Modern Gift
1st paper clocks
2nd cotton, straw, calico china
3rd leather crystal, glass
4th flowers, fruit, books appliances
5th wood, clocks silverware
6th iron, sugar (sweets) wood
7th copper, wool, brass, bronze desk sets
8th bronze, rubber linens, laces
9th pottery leather
10th tin, aluminum diamond jewelry
11th steel fashion jewelry
12th silk, fine linen pearls, gemstones
13th lace textiles, furs
14th ivory, agate gold jewelry
15th crystal, glass watches
20th china platinum
25th silver silver
30th pearl diamond
35th coral jade
40th ruby, garnet ruby
45th sapphire sapphire
50th gold gold
55th emerald, turquoise emerald
60th diamond diamond
75th diamond diamond

Source: the Wedding Channel.