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Atlanta, GA - Spring has sprung and love and marriage are in the air. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, there were almost 50,000 wedding in New Jersey last year. That means a whopping 9 million people will be invited to these weddings in 2004. With 180 guests invited to the average nuptials (as noted by America’s Top Wedding Links, Inc.) your readers will be searching for a creative and meaningful gift that will be more unique that just another toaster. A Gallery of Love designer wedding certificate can be their answer – an heirloom to treasure for a lifetime. The Gallery draws from the romantic ideals of the past for a modern twist on the traditional marriage certificate.

Let’s face it; china, crystal and the latest kitchen gadget are lucky to be used once a year. Every thoughtful parent, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, friend and neighbor want to give a treasured present, not a “gift gaff” that ends up in the back of the closet or in next month’s garage sale. The undiscovered wedding gift of the bridal season is a romantic Gallery of Love certificate that can be personalized with all the details of the joyous occasion. A piece of art that can be displayed in the newlywed's home to affirm the couple's love and commitment everyday. Not sold in any stores, the designer documents are available exclusively online and by phone at 1-877-OUR-LOVE.

Gift buyers are often in a quandary when it comes to buying a present for a second marriage or anniversary. What does the couple need that they may not already have? A romantic Victorian, Renoir or Pop Art certificate can reflect the couple’s style and create a beautiful keepsake.

Interestingly, at Gallery of Love the number one choice of marriage certificate for today’s bride and groom is the Victorian style of over 100 years ago. Plus to owners Joel and Tara Green’s surprise, the most likely person searching for a decorative wedding certificate is not necessarily the bride-to-be; it’s the anniversary gift seeker! Couples wedded from one to 50 years account for almost 60% of certificate sales. One customer wished to give his wife of 18 years something she would “enjoy, yet never expect.” As a result he shared that every time he and his wife see the certificate they are “renewed and rekindled.”

Gallery of Love’s newlywed creators, Joel and Tara Green took one look at their County marriage license and declared it a dud. Multi-award winning art director, Joel Green says, “The boring document was about as pretty as a grade school spelling bee award. I wanted to see something beautiful and romantic.”

This led to what is the world’s largest selection of marriage certificates with sixteen styles representing ethnic backgrounds from Caucasian to African-American to Spanish and Asian.

Co-owner Joel Green developed the concepts and commissioned a renowned Atlanta artist to create a series of hand-painted original oils for the collection. The artist created, brush stroke by brush stroke, each of the works of art for the series of prints.

Gallery of Love was founded in 2003 to offer heirloom personalized decorative marriage and commitment certificates. The company’s website offers a range of choices from $27.95 to $129.95. Options include personalized script and museum quality frames.

For more information about Gallery of Love, please call Tara Green at 1-877- OUR- LOVE or visit