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A Guide to Better Bar & Bat Mitzvah Giving

Atlanta, GA - Have you ever been stuck for Bar & Bat Mitzvah gift giving ideas?
Often times we can get in gift ruts; same money present, different Bar Mitzvah. If it’s not a personal check, a watch or savings bonds what’s left? Plus cash is great but how about giving something that will be remembered for years to come?

For those looking for memorable creative ideas that go beyond, or supplement, a cash envelope, Gallery of Love’s super shoppers offer a few tips.

  • Create a Bar or Bat Mitzvah scrapbook keepsake. This is especially nice for family and close friends whom you have pictures of through the years. Add snapshots, school activity mementos and sports accomplishments that celebrate the child’s individual style.
  • Let them express themselves! If you know the young man or woman has a special interest or talent in a particular area such as sports or drama give them lessons or admission to a baseball/basketball camp or sign them up for acting classes at one of your local theatre programs.
  • Say it with a personalized gift. Unique gifts that mean the most are those that are original and show that extra touch.

“We love to shop and it shows!” says Tara Green co-owner of Gallery of Love. She and her graphic designer husband turned a passion for shopping, design (and each other!) into a nifty new business. Spurred on by their disappointing experience with their marriage license, it was nothing like Joel’s parent’s Ketubah, they began a gift company that celebrates life’s milestones with stunning certificates of celebration.

“People are drawn to us in their search for a meaningful gift” says Joel Green the Gallery designer. From marriage certificates to celebrations of birth and Bar & Bat Mitzvah designs the couple have taken the best of their gift shopping experience (the need for unique thoughtful presents) into personalized creations. “We are so touched to become a part of the most special occasions in people’s lives” Joel and Tara add.

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