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Common Theme Draws Searchers Together

Atlanta, GA - From a soldier’s mother to a sister’s dying wish to a husband’s pledge of love, decorative marriage certificates take on special meaning for the givers and recipients. What do theses loving hearts have in common? All of them were looking for a way to show their love with a distinctive gift that represented the depth of their bond. For those wishing to display a personalized piece of art representing their connection of faith love and trust, Gallery of Love was their answer. The Gallery draws from the romantic ideals of the past for a modern twist on the traditional marriage certificate.

Among the heartfelt requests Gallery of Love has received are the mother of a soldier stationed in Iraq who wanted to gift her son and daughter-in-law, an army nurse, with the perfect Anniversary present. Then there was the woman who relayed her sisters dying wish to have her wedding vows renewed and wanted to give her a “Renewal of Vows” certificate. Another thoughtful man wished to give his wife of 18 years something she would “enjoy, yet never expect.” As a result he shared that every time he and his wife see the certificate “we are renewed and rekindled.” And, he continued, “she pays more attention to it than she does the $1,500 Sapphire and Diamond ring I gave her two years ago!”

Gallery of Love’s newlywed creators, Joel and Tara Green took one look at their Cobb County marriage license and declared it a dud. Multi-award winning art director, Joel Green says, “The boring document was about as pretty as a grade school spelling bee certificate. I wanted to see something beautiful and romantic like my parents Ketubah - the traditional Jewish marriage contract.” Tara adds, “We wanted a more artistic document that would be a symbol of love for us – and others – to enjoy everyday.” So, Joel worked up a design framed it and displayed it on the wall for all to see. Soon friends began to ask if they too, could have their own personalized certificate. This led to what is now the largest diversified selection with sixteen marriage certificates representing a variety of ethnic backgrounds from Caucasian to African-American to Spanish and Asian.

Co-owner Joel Green developed the concepts and commissioned a renowned Atlanta artist to create a series of hand-painted original oils for the collection. The artist created, brush stroke by brush stroke, each of the works of art for the series of prints. There is room for the bride and groom’s name, and the place and date of their marriage – a truly individualized keepsake.

With styles from the romance of a Renoir-inspired oil to the grace and elegance of the Victorian era to a funky Pop Art design these works of art are a creative way to celebrate a Wedding Day, Anniversary, or anytime, just to say “I Love You.”

Gallery of Love was founded in 2003 to offer heirloom personalized decorative marriage and commitment certificates. The company’s website offers a range of choices from $27.95 to $129.95. Options include personalized script and museum quality frames.

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