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O.K. I admit it. I’m a sucker for two things in life: shopping and “getting a deal.” Who hasn’t had the “cheap thrill” of finding just the item you want on sale on the exact day you walk into the store? It just feels good.

I’m lucky enough to have married one of the few male shoppers in the world, and together we’ve made shopping and sniffing out sales a sport. Our friends wonder how we eat out as much as we do and travel regularly. “How do you find these deals?!” they’ll say in awe and maybe just a little envy. As my husband says, “you just have to look!”

The are several ways that you too, can become a savvy shopper and find the deals of the day. Everything from less expensive appliances, apparel, computers, gifts and home accessories.

Good Deals Don’t Just Fall from Sky

The key to finding super saving deals is to look for them. As simple as it sounds, doing a little legwork can save you money and it can be fun too! Before you make a purchase make it a habit to do your homework first. Soon you’ll be saving enough to treat yourself to that spa day you deserve!

So, what are the steps to becoming a savvy shopper?

Seek out the Sales - smart shoppers know where and when to look for the best deals. Now more than ever there are plenty of websites that make sniffing out a deal both fun and easy. Here are just a few to get you started on your search: - offers ways to do just what the name of the website says -keep you wallet fat by saving you money. This handy site has special offers, discounts, a forum to share your best bargains and learn from fellow shoppers, retailer ratings, and a cash back feature for buying from over 100 of the web’s best merchants. - great deals on brand-name home accessories, linens, jewelry, electronics and more. This site regularly features $1.00 shipping, which simply can’t be beat! They have loads of gear and gadgets for up to 65% off. - new bargains are added daily for everything from Dell computers to magazines and clothing. The site is a link to online retailers offering a wide range of savings. Most offers have a short expiration date.

Comparison Shop – mom was right; look before you leap or in this case look before you buy. This is especially important when purchasing electronics, computer hardware, software or appliances. The following web sites are wonderful resources for comparison shopping from the comfort of your computer chair. - not sure which digital camera or portable DVD player is right for you? Which electronics are the best buys and which are bombs? This website offers easy price comparisons and best of all individual consumer product reviews to help you tell the deals from the duds. - this excellent site is an easy way to find out “what’s on sale at retail sales this week.” Simply click on the link for your state to find out what’s on sale at retailers such as Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Kmart, Office Depot, Office Max, Radio Shack, Sears, Staples, Target and WalMart. It’s a great way to find the best sale price on that MP3 player or camcorder you’ve had your eye on. - has “millions of products from thousands of merchants” from autos to computers to movies and toys this site does the comparison shopping for you. Have fun finding the best prices on products for your home or business.

Go Coupon Crazy – make a game of finding super savings in all areas of your shopping life. These sites make it easy for budgeting your time and money. - these handy coupon books can be ordered with your individual city in mind. The Entertainment Books offer “buy one get one free” dinner specials for a variety of restaurants from upscale to casual and fast food. Once you’ve purchased the book you can select additional discounts from the online site. The book also includes deals on travel, cruises, car rentals, local services and more. The retail price ranges from $25 to $45 depending on the city where you reside. In most cases, by the time you use your first or second coupon; you’ll have “made back” the cost of the book. - this is a web-based “filling cabinet” of deals and coupon codes separated into a variety of categories for easy use. This site is especially strong in the computer, electronics and office supply areas. Look for good deals for your home office. - this is the place for gift cards, arts & crafts and items for kids and babies. The coupons are rated on a five star system. An estimated value of the
sale offered is given within the description of the deal.

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