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The Ugly Truth About Marriage Certificates

Atlanta, GA - Let’s face it, ask any married couple where their wedding certificate is and they will most likely say it’s in a drawer or stuffed in the back of their wedding album or maybe in the family safe. The ugly truth about marriage certificates is that they’re, well, just plain ugly. This is exactly what newlyweds Joel and Tara Green discovered when they received their wedding certificate from their local county courthouse shortly after saying their vows. Joel, an award-winning designer, knew there had to be a better way. There had to be a way to create a more artistic romantic certificate that would be a symbol of their love to enjoy everyday. Wa-lah! Gallery of Love was born!

Gallery of Love offers beautiful wedding certificates that capture the essence and magic of a couple’s wedding day with a magnificent piece of art. Co-owner Joel Green developed the concepts and commissioned a renowned artist to create a series of hand-painted original oils for this collection. The fast growing company is now the creator of the world’s largest selection of over 16 marriage certificates embracing different ethnicities. From Caucasian to African-American to Spanish and Asian, the keepsakes speak to the heart of every wedding day: love.

The result is a selection of exquisite works of art that are as unique as any loving couple. Reflecting the great artistic movements from the romance of a Renoir-inspired oil to the grace and elegance of the Victorian era to the bold colors of modern art and more, it’s the perfect presentation of love in a bride’s museum of memories.

A beautiful artistic marriage certificate is the perfect symbol of what people treasure most in a relationship: faith, love, trust and commitment.

Gallery of Love offers quality prints measuring 12”x16” which can be personalized with the details of a couple’s wedding day. Optional standard or deluxe museum-inspired gold filigree frames are available to complete the memento that will last a lifetime.

Owners Joel and Tara Green are proud to offer their loving certificates for an affordable special introductory price ranging from under $30.00 to under $125.00 for the fully framed deluxe editions.

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